IBTM Americas
September 13 - 14, 2023



Boosted by Eventos Sustentables 

If not now, when? If not me, who?

We need you to make IBTM Americas more sustainable.


¡BE PART! and follow these initiatives:

choose sustainable activities to undertake from the following list.

If you've completed 80% of the actions... your booth will be recognized!


Incorporate circular economy principles into one of your stand materials.

Use one or two materials in your stand construction sourced from the circular economy, such as a wall made of wine bottles, reused fabrics, cans, boxes, etc

Example: Video

Reduced plastic in promotional items.

Minimize the use of plastics in promotional materials, like bags with plastic finishes, stress balls, keychains, lighters, etc.

Examples of eco-friendly promotional items:

Corteza Nuestra

Grupo Green Market

Use eco-friendly ceramics, glassware, or disposables for food tastings at the stand.

Utilize disposable materials made from substances such as avocado seed, sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch, cardboard, etc.



Renova Pack

Opt for generic signage without mentioning the year for reusability in other events.

Generalize the information on banners and avoid including the year or edition.

Get creative! Consider eco-friendly materials, LED digital banners, and more!

Avoid business cards and printed brochures

Don't ask for Business Cards! Use the Emperia app to scan and save contacts paperlessly.

Utilize digital business cards, use QR codes to download brochures and promotional materials.

Utilize LED lighting at the stand.

Install LED lights or energy-saving bulbs at the stand.

Infographic: LED Lights

Choose local suppliers.

Promote local purchasing of promotional items, gifts, or any other supplies or materials used for the event.

Carbon footprint compensation for flights or staff transportation.

Measure the carbon footprint of travels and transportation. We suggest using this website for calculation:

Example: Carbon Footprint Calculator and Offsetting Projects

Ensure Gender Equity in the teams representing the stand.

Balance the number of women and men at the stand. Respectfully include individuals of different genders within the stand to promote equity.

Visibility of sustainable initiatives by the destination or company.

Have a visible list of the actions being undertaken by the destination or company and communicate them.


If you would like to submit your stand for evaluation, please send the following information to this        e-mail: hello@eventossustentables.com

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Stand number
  • Attach a document outlining the sustainable actions you will implement at your event (free format).


  1. ES Eventos Sustentables will review the file and contact you to validate the information and schedule a visit during setup.
  2. ES Eventos Sustentables will verify the implemented actions during setup to ensure compliance.
  3. Upon meeting 80% of the actions, a physical badge will be provided to the exhibitor for display at the stand during the expo.
  4. BTM will communicate with CHANGE MAKER exhibitors who have committed to the actions at the event.

Have any questions? Contact us at: hello@eventossustentables.com