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IACC Meeting Room of the Future™ - Latin Americas Report
Predicting the Meetings Environments of the Future & Improving Meeting Dynamics.

In 2016, the IACC Meeting Room of the Future™ report began providing a pulse on global meeting industry trends.

Five research and trends report’s later, the initiative has been instrumental in identifying new trends and take a deeper dive into select changes occurring in the meetings industry.

This report takes the research one step further by focusing on a specific region – Latin America. The goal being to identify geographic trends as well as differences in meeting planner objectives and goals, when compared with the rest of the world. Similar to the global study, this report, IACC Meeting Room of the Future™- Latin America, seeks to answer the following questions among meeting planners operating in the Latin American market, and compare it to global trends:

  • How have the objectives and goals of meetings changed over time?
  • Is experience creation going to be more important when planning meetings in the future?
  • What are the ideal physical elements of meeting space and how have they changed over time?
  • How is food and beverage changing to support delegates needs better?
  • What will be the most critical technology needs over the next three to five years?

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