All of us have a big history in this industry. So, let us share it with you and write with us the next part if this history.


Gestation Year

November 10 - 12

WTC Mexico City

A dedicated pavilion is created within EXPO CAPITAL HUMANO to offer INCENTIVE OPTIONS for the corporate teams. 



Year of birth

November 17 - 19

WTC Mexico City

Guest country: Cuba

The event is named ICOMEX, and this year is the first time it has been presented as an expo.


2nd edition

Novembrer 9 -11

WTC Mexico City

Guest country: Argentina 


3rd edition

November 7 -  9

WTC Mexico City    

Guest coutry: Costa Rica 

7 new knowledge programs arte born (all of the took place during ICOMEX):

  • Association Congress
  • Corporate Congress
  • Pharma Congress
  • Religious Congress
  • Wedding and Romance Congress
  • Sport Congress
  •  School Congress


4th edition

November 6 - 8

WTC Mexico City

Guest country: Colombia 

Event Production Forum is born, a space dedicated to offering event production solutions


5th edition and acquisition

November 5 - 7

WTC Mexico City

Guest country: France

ICOMEX achieves a strong consolidation within the meetings & events community in Mexico.

ICOMEX is acquired by Reed Exhibitions (now RX Global).


6th edition and 1st rebranding

August 25 - 26

Centro Citibanamex

Guest country: Guatemala 

ICOMEX is integrated into ibtm's events portfolio and is now called "ICOMEX part of IBTM".

ICOMEX moves to Centro Citibanamex.


7th edition and 2nd rebranding

September 8 - 7

Centro Citibanamex.

Guest destination: Lima, Peru

ICOMEX now takes the name IBTM LATIN AMERICA.


8th edition

September 6 - 7

Centro Citibanamex

Guest country:  Panama

We consolidate our educational programs:

  • Event Production Forum
  • Event Marketing Congress
  • Pharma Congress
  • Wedding and Romance Congress
  • Sport Congress

The SEIF (Sustainable Events Interactive Forum) is integrated as part of the educational offer within IBTM Latin America, this forum is organized by Colectivo Sustentable.


9th edition and 3rd rebranding

September 5 - 6

Centro Citibanamex

Guest country: Dominican Republic

IBTM Latin America and IBTM America merge to create IBTM Americas, with the intention of bringing together the North American and Latin American markets in the same event.


10th edition

May 29 - 30

Centro Citibanamex

Guest country: USA


11th Edition and Digital Transformation

August 25 - 26

1st - IBTM Americas - Digital Summit

"Humanizing The Change"

Guest destination: Baja Norte


1st - IBTM Americas 1:1 Digital Appointments.

"Humanizing the Business"

IBTM Americas 2020 wasn’t hold in person due to the global sanitary contingency; however, it makes a change in its value proposition, to now offer a platform of on-line and off-line initiatives for the meetings & events community across the Americas.

Launch for the first time:

The Digital Summit (2 days of digital sessions for the meetings industry.

The 1:1 Digital Appointments (3 round of online appointments in which buyers and suppliers met virtually).


12th edition, towards the events reopening

May 29 - 30

2nd IBTM Americas Digital Summit

Guest country: Peru (Poner bandera)


August 18 - 19

Centro Citibanamex

Guest country: Peru (Poner bandera)

IBTM Americas reopens its doors in-person format, receiving the meetings and events industry with all the necessary biosecurity protocols, offers an ideal atmosphere to generate an environment of trust that allows the closure of new business.

IBTM Americas will continue to offer digital and face-to-face alternatives and solutions for professionals in the meetings industry.


13th Edition Reconnecting with the Industry

August 24th and 25th

Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City

Guest destination: Yucatán 

Launching: Meetings & Events Transformation

In 2022, a space for rapprochement, discussion, understanding, and collaboration between the Meetings Industry in Mexico and the Americas was launched; where around 200 leaders from the region gathered to build transformation bridges for the industry, as well as to discuss the big issues related to the present and future of Mexico and Latin America in the field.


Our long-awaited Welcome Party is back in this edition, the largest networking event offered by IBTM Americas.

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