Inclusive menu for events: all you need to know

Even when it is not a widely discussed topic within the industry, the menu of an event could be a decisive point for certain people to accept or decline an invitation to an event. Whether it is due to allergies, intolerance to certain ingredients or a personal choice, we need to acknowledge every person’s relationship with food is different. Therefore, an event with multiple options will always be well received because it’s a form of inclusion that lets every attendee know you are aware of their needs. The best part is that it isn’t hard to accomplish, and the positive impact will last more than what you expect.

  • Allergies
    Peanuts, nuts and sea food are only a few of the most popular allergies. Of course, those who know their own allergies are used to avoid them, but it would be good to take in consideration these possibilities so that no guest is left hungry. An easy way to manage it is to have alternatives without those ingredients. However, you could go a little further and generate a question about allergies and food somewhere through the registration process. And if there will be none or if it will be done differently, you can add a small note asking them to let you know their food allergies and issues.
  • Intolerance
    Even if intolerance to a certain ingredient is not as serious as an allergy, you may want to be sure your guests won’t feel ill after eating. Some people are lactose or gluten intolerant. Therefore, if you do not want to have lactose and gluten free food, you can ask the catering service about substitutes and the possibilities around them. This way, everyone can eat, and you will also avoid the information gets confused when asking individually.
  • Vegan options
    Many people think vegan and vegetarian foods are difficult to prepare, but they’re not. In fact, this side of gastronomy offers a wide range of options for everyone. And even if not offering vegan food will not have a big negative impact; if you do have it the positive impact will be huge. From the individual aspect between guests to the branding strategy, vegan food will let them know you care about their preferences and needs and will give your event and your company a much more human turn.

Once you have chosen the options for the menu and the process you will follow to make sure everyone can enjoy with the right ingredients, do not forget to keep checking on it. Every detail and aspect of the event will be reflected as results, so you need to give every aspect the same importance to get the best results.