Sports tourism: the main attraction of corporative incentives

From a golf class and a quick adventure riding a bike up to a massive event, sports tourism is one of the most attractive options when it comes to traveling as an incentive. It usually is planned as a reward for collaborators that have achieved a complex goal or succeeded with an innovative idea, and the activity is always aligned with the values of the company.

This kind of trip doesn’t follow the common touristic route. In a city where people usually visit museums and cultural sites, sports tourism trips will often focus their attention on stadiums and scheduled activities. Of course, there are also certain places and museums that fit the topic and can be a part of the plan for the day. However, the main goal is always keeping people active and in an athletic spirit.

The Olympic games, the Super Bowl, the World Cup, sports racing, and any other international event which happens periodically are great examples of this type of motivators; more so if they fit the values the company wants to pursue. Furthermore, this environment is great to create alliances between brands; whether it is through sponsorships or to connect two or more brands that belong to the same company.

Another way to organize a sports tourism incentive trip is to find an activity the whole group can share, preferably set on a destination that’s far enough from the corporate environment. Climbing, scuba diving, riding a bike or swimming are some of the most popular options.

The biggest highlight of sports tourism is how it can prepare everyone for a great team building opportunity. Working together helps people bond, which results in individual and collective growth, leading to new ideas and discoveries. Besides, the feeling of belonging is reinforced when they all cheer for the same team, athlete, or pilot, and it relates their perception of the others with their own interests.

In conclusion, the benefits of a sports incentive trip represent a great opportunity to build trust and motivate your collaborators.