IBTM Americas
AUGUST 18-19, 2021
Centro Citibanamex
19 y 20 de mayo de 2021
Centro Citibanamex, CDMX

Exhibitor Zone

Welcome to IBTM Americas 2019, in this section we will provide you with all the information you need for your participation.

A1. Exhibitor Manual

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A2. Checklist

A3. Team directory

A4. Business appointment timeline

Mandatory forms

B1.Exhibitor info for show catalogue and badges

B2. Stand construction / Rendering / Insurance policy / Building approval

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B3. Standard stand configuration

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B4. Enhanced stand configuration

B5. Events at exhibitor's stands

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Additional services

C1. Barcode reader

C2. Air, Water, Drain Services

C3. Booth Cleaning

C4. Hanging

C5. Centro Citibanamex Services Invoice

C6. Lighting

C7. Security

C8. IT Services

C9. AB Catering & Food Services

C10. Furniture

Coming soon!

C11. Suggested suppliers directory

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C12. Enhanced booths

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Travel arrangements

D1. Accommodation options

Do you need assitant to book a flight ticket?

Connect with:

Guillermo Velazco

M: 52 (1) 55 4500 9394
e-mail: guillermo.velazcov@cwt-me.com

Exhibitor training

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