No. A negative COVID-19 test will not be required for entry by exhibitors, contractors, vendors, staff or visitors. This policy is implemented in accordance with the guidelines of the authorities, if the guidelines change, we will inform you.

No.  In accordance with the current guidelines of the authorities, food / drink tastings will not be allowed at the booths.

The delivery of advertising or promotional items is not allowed unless they are individually packaged and have a disinfection process.

All our exhibitors, staff and organizing committee must wear, at all times during the event, eye protection (goggles or face shield) and face mask preferably KN95 or surgical grade.

All furniture placed in the booth that does not allow save distancing (1.5 m between people) during the show, must have physical barriers such as acrylic.

All corridors will be one-way, which will be marked on the floor.

Yes, the booth design is at exhibitors discretion as long as it meets the conditions of open spaces that allow the visitors flow, furniture that allow save distancing, at least an alcohol-based gel dispenser per booth and it is only needs to be assembled during built-up, that is, all types of construction is prohibited.

All trucks that enter, re-enter and/or enter for restocking of materials for assembly must go through the disinfection process. This process is only for vehicles, so our exhibitors / contractors must have previously disinfected the material to be installed.

At the moment there are no changes in unloading times.

All marketing strategies, such as activations or demonstrations, are allowed after approval by the organizing committee. To request it, please send the description of the activity to

No, only furniture that complies with physical distancing measures or that is adapted to comply it is recommended, for example, with acrylic barriers. All booths must have at least one alcohol-based hand-sanitizer dispenser to offer visitors.

During build-up, only booth assembly will be allowed, all types of construction is prohibited. Please adhere to this measure.