• To expedite your entry onto the show floor, register on our website and print your badge ahead of the show, this will grant you entry to the event.
  • Consider using taxis or private transportation services. Pay the exact amount of your ride and, if possible, use electronic payment. Wear PPE throughout your trip and clean your hands before and after using the transportation.
  • Follow the staff recommendations and instructions at all times.
  • Use digital business cards to share your data, and for networking during the event.
  • On site, we will have the exhibitor’s directory and pocket map in physical format; however, if you feel more comfortable, we invite you to download them through our QR.


  • We recommend all our Hosted Buyers to have travel insurance with COVID coverage. Likewise, any COVID test required for trips must be paid for by the Hosted Buyer.
  • During your entire trip, follow the hygiene measures and protocols of the place where you are, and try to be the only person that handles your luggage.
  • During your transfers, try to avoid touching surfaces such as handrails, windows, or handles as much as possible.