IBTM Americas
September 13 - 14, 2023

What do the clients look for on an ideal event planner?

When it comes to special occasions, humans tend to want every detail to result as perfect as possible. Whether it is a wedding, a conference, an incentive trip or a corporate celebration, the goal is to make the attendees feel welcome and communicate one or more positive feelings at the same time.

In addition, hosts usually must prepare a lot more of things for themselves, so it’s no surprise that the best option is to hire an event planner. But do you know what is needed to be an outstanding one?

  • Connections
    The first and decisive point when people choose their event planner is their ability to connect. Sometimes years of experience cannot guarantee quality, and it is very noticeable when the planner is working for the first time with one or more providers. In addition, the planner’s confidence also tends to stand out. That is why, more than experience in years, one of the best ways to convince potential clients is through the right interactions.

  • Budget
    Undoubtedly, this is the main element around which everything will be planned. Food, decoration, and every other detail of the event are direct results of the budget and of the percentage from it that gets assigned to every aspect. A good event planner will be conscious about that fact and will find the way to adapt to the available resources.

  • Attention
    It is very common that the host starts asking questions, especially if this is a one occasion event or if it’s the first time, he is in charge of receiving so many people. For example, in weddings, corporate anniversaries, and similar situations it’s usual to start wondering things. And as an event planner, one of the most relevant tasks is to always be attentive to the client’s questions and suggestions.

  • Options
    Depending on how big the event is and on the client’s instructions, sometimes it is necessary —and very well received­— to be offered at least two options in the most relevant aspects such as decoration, color choice and food. This way, the client will still feel involved in the process without being overwhelmed with big decisions.


In conclusion more than the years of experience, a distinguished event planner presents itself through the quality of their work and the confidence in their development. It is also possible that, during their journey, they demonstrate a bigger commitment with high quality, for example, being conscious about accessibility and inclusion , very necessary aspects in every type of events.