The importance of the social media strategy for events

In recent years, digital marketing has evolved very quickly, powered by different communications options that helped people overcome the lockdown. And even when that stage has already ended, the advantages and innovations made are permanent. As far as events are concerned, things have also changed, starting with those that are carried out in a hybrid and digital way -which little by little have demonstrated their advantages and continue to be in trend- until the expected return to face-to-face meetings. Thus, marketing is now different, becoming a competition of creativity, progress, and strategy.

Due to their portability and quick reach, social media platforms are now the best way to advertise products and services, especially today, when we’ve gone from a closed environment where big companies and personalities didn’t interact, to turning customer interaction into a strategy by itself. Profiles of certain streaming services and some food chains rose in popularity through smart, kind and even funny answers given to users.

Of course, the tone of this content should be aligned with the brand, corporate values, and the impression you want to leave on people who might be visiting your page for the first time. This is especially important when it comes to events, because every interaction helps build anticipation for the big day.

To take advantage of this effect, you need to carefully plan the type of impression you want to make on anyone who might be interested in the event, and the reaction you want to achieve. Also, if you include branding , you will help to strengthen the brand’s identity, which will help to position its name on the internet and in the customer’s mind. Hashtags, filters, trends that you create around the event will start creating conversations related to it, helping you reach a greater number of people.

On the other hand, accessibility for users to access the page, ask questions and find out what they need, is something not always mentioned, but it can become one of your greatest growth tools. Besides, the answers you provide will draw attention to the human side of the company, helping to set it apart from other brands.

Finally, remember that the most important thing is not how many people follow you on social media: the key is that each and every one of them is part of your target audience. It is better to connect with 500 people who really want to go to the event than with a thousand of them whose interests are opposed to what your brand offers. Take advantage of technology and turn your event into one of the most talked topic in any aspect you want.