Hybrid events as a sustainable strategy

The advantages and disadvantages of the virtual transition have been widely discussed. Due to the accelerated evolution of technology in terms of communication, more interactive and entirely virtual events are now possible. Of course, the need to come back to face-to-face experiences eventually lead to a new way to even the best of both: hybrid events.

Despite the conversation about whether these events have a real goal, there is a huge advantage some people are missing: sustainability.

  • Transportation
    To move a group of people across the country or even the city usually generates a lot of toxic emissions to the environment. Whether it’s a flight or a trip in the car, almost every transportation method to these events results in a certain number of emissions. Hence the advantage of the possibility to attend from the comfortable space of your choice at your home: no transportation means no emissions, which reduces the negative impact on the planet.
  • Waste
    When organizing an event, the menu of the day is always one of the top priorities, and the results usually have a significant impact on the environment. On the other hand, being home we generate less waste, and the non-biodegradable elements (Styrofoam plates and disposable cups) are replaced with their own plates and vases. The best part is that they’re washable, so the negative impact is considerably reduced. How many times have you logged into a Zoom call with some coffee in your favorite mug?
  • Reach
    Once the online access is available, the amount of interested people you can reach is considerably bigger. And as transportation, stay and many other issues are replaced or disappear, it will cost less for the company. This way, you can reach a lot more people with half or less the usual impact on the environment.
  • Bonus: Profitability
    One of the best advantages of hybrid events is the profit proportion it can bring to a company. Once the information is within reach, the potential customer can read it through carefully. This results in greater interest and makes it more likely they share it with more people. And if some of them would not be able to attend, they will find it easier to log in to the event and learn more about the products your brand offers.

In conclusion, hybrid events not only offer great advantages for any company, but they also represent the logical next step into the virtual evolution we are already experiencing while keeping events sustainable. From the branding strategy of your choice to the colors that will bring your event to life, you can be sure the virtual world will be a great alliance for the meetings and events industry.