IBTM Americas
September 13 - 14, 2023

Lighting and color: the best allies for all events

Even when it’s not always noticeable in a conscious way, colors, and lighting of the venues where we’re at always influence our moods. A lot of brands have picked up on this, such as fast-food chains that built their Brand around red and Orange to increase hunger sensation in their customers. Nevertheless, to apply that technique on an event has a bigger complexity, because the attendees’ response will have an effect in the whole place’s atmosphere.

Explained by Cecilia Blancarte, Marketing director at Encore Mexico, lighting on a wedding can create different types of emotions between the attendees. It will also depend on the venue and the chosen time of the day, but colored lights will be a wonderful option to receive all the guests. Besides, when this is accomplished, the same atmosphere can be used to change the energy of the venue throughout the party.

Once we’re conscious of this fact, it’s easier to adapt it as a strategy to be used in other events. A corporate conference and an exposition are very different from a wedding, but the effect we are searching for has the same results.


During her conference “Emotion behind lighting in weddings production” at IBTM Americas 2022, Cecilia Blancarte explained the sensations that some different colors can produce through lighting. According to the festive ambience from these events, some of the most popular ones communicate elegance, sophistication, or energy.

For the venue to be filled with happy and positive sensations, yellow is the ideal color. Orange, on the other hand, is energetic and creates the feeling of freedom and comfort. However, it increases hunger too, so probably you will want to manage it cautiously or combine with other colors.

Blue, despite being a cold color, is perfect to create a serene and relaxed atmosphere. On the opposite, purple and lilac reduce heart rate, but also represent elegance, sophistication, and favor introspection.

More than just emotions, colors can convey sensations, meanings and even weather; so that, if there is a theme, you can introduce it to the attended through colored lights. For example, if the event is winter themed, blue, and white lights will create the illusion of being standing in the snow, and even make people feel cold.

To sum up, further tan decoration and the type of venue, lighting is a great way to set any event, considering what you want to communicate and the impression you want to give to the guests. It can be supplemented with an event branding strategy and can even turn into a great tool for online and digital events that are now happening through the metaverse .