Tips for a new year’s corporate party

After the revolution brought about by the digital adaptation due to lockdown, the Home Office and hybrid events, this 2022, New Year’s celebrations are one of the most awaited events; however, precisely because of all these changes, celebrations are now also different. That is the main reason we have created this checklist: for your company’s Holiday season celebration to be as good as it’s expected to.

  • Theme
    One of the best ways to organize these types of events is to choose a theme around which the entire experience is built. Whether you take the safe, classic path by choosing a winter or holiday party, or decide on a completely different topic; themed parties are often very popular amongst employees. Also, getting them out or their daily corporate zone will turn this into an almost automatic success.
  • Music
    Once you establish the theme of the celebration, choosing the music to light it up will be easier. Keep in mind that this is also a great way to build connections with the attendees, especially if most of them belong to the same generation. Creating a playlist ahead of time can help you avoid forgetting some classics, and keep the party mood going on proper terms.
  • Menu
    You can choose to keep a holiday classic menu or change it according to the chosen theme. In both cases, it’s important to keep in mind that every person’s relationship with food is different. That is why, it’s important to remember the importance of offering a menu with options for everybody during the planning stage.
  • Venue
    As well as incentive trips , holiday experiences are intended to celebrate the end of a year and the company’s achievements through it. To accomplish this, a good strategy is to choose a venue where they can get out of the business routine, preferably outside the usual working place. Little things like taking a different route will help them build anticipation and leaving the routine behind.

A great way to ensure your event’s success is to plan ahead, as well as taking the time to create a realistic budget and keeping in mind the possibility of unexpected situations. Another tip is to look at the pace of work and the most important deadlines, so the date of the celebrations doesn’t put anyone under pressure.