Baja California:

A Unique State and Proud GUEST DESTINATION of IBTM Americas 2024

Located in the northwest of Mexico and bordering the United States, Baja California stands as a beacon of vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and unparalleled hospitality. From the bustling streets of Tijuana to the serene beaches of San Felipe, our state offers a unique blend of experiences for everyone.

Our exquisite cuisine, world-renowned wines, and rich history have captured the hearts of visitors from around the globe. This year, several restaurants were awarded for their excellence in the MICHELIN Guide, making Baja California a globally recognized culinary destination.

With a strategic location, excellent air connectivity, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a commitment to excellence, Baja California is well-equipped to host a wide range of business events, from corporate retreats to large-scale conferences and conventions. Whether you seek a luxurious beachfront resort or a state-of-the-art conference center, Baja California offers a diverse array of venues to meet every need.

In 2025, Baja California will host one of the country's most significant tourism fairs, aiming to showcase why we are a destination like no other, where business meets pleasure in perfect harmony.

Welcome to Baja California, where opportunities for business success are endless. We look forward to welcoming you at IBTM Americas and showing you why Baja California is the premier destination for business events in Mexico and the world.

For more information about Baja California, visit or email to [email protected]