Turn your event into an experience: transform your strategy

One of the most important knowledge the meetings industry has acquired recently, has been knowing that beyond the venue or the style of the event, each attendee seeks a unique experience. And while that means we must frequently challenge ourselves as event planners, there is nothing better than the opportunity to exceed your client’s expectations. For that to happen, we created a list of tips to transform your event into an unforgettable experience.

  • Define your mission
    Behind every great event, there is usually a goal. Before you start planning, talk to your client and, together, find out which is the goal you’re pursuing. Is it an incentive trip to celebrate their team’s new achievement? Are they looking for a bigger audience? Or to boost an organization? Their goal is your goal, know their reasons and focus on reaching it.
  • Set priorities
    Sometimes unforeseen circumstances we cannot control may result in a change of plans, even if you thought everything was ready. In these cases, it’s important to make sure you know which elements of the event are irreplaceable on the plan to reach the goal, and also know which ones can be left behind to restructure.
  • Create your team
    The main task of event professionals is to stay on top of all the event’s elements to make sure that everything you’ve planned is possible. However, team communication is also very important, so you can delegate tasks and make sure you stay focused. Having a connected team can help you avoid many incidents.
  • Take care of the details
    The distance between the chairs or the choice of words for a great speech aren't the most important things of your event. The best of an event are those meaningful details that the attendee is able to recognize. In addition, the interactive elements help each person to feel the attention place on the event, since they will be able to live an individual experience that will bring them closer to the event’s goal in an innovative way.
  • Offer warmth
    As Eva García Cuervo mentioned at IBTM Americas 2022, your attendees are looking for an event where they can find comfort, convenience and reliability. Creating a positive environment is key to transform any event; because people tend to consider the way they are treated as the main pillar for a great experience. If a person does not feel welcome, it won’t matter how perfect the venue looks or how original everything is, because they will not feel comfortable and probably will end up leaving early.

In conclusion although the tangible aspects are of great importance for a perfect event, the real secret to turning it into an amazing experience is to offer comfort and a wonderful environment, as well as great communication and innovation inside the venue. This will enhance any meeting and celebration, helping to achieve the desired perception of the overall event.

To learn more about creating experiences, the last industry innovations and the best destinations for your events, be sure to attend to IBTM Americas 2023 on September 13th and 14th. Save the date and stay tuned for registration through our social media profiles and our web page.