2023 challenges for event planners

Event planners are usually in charge of taking care of the sustainability, the vendors, the type of event, the menu , and every other detail of the event, celebration or meeting chosen by the client. However, due to technology trends that have allowed the meetings industry to thrive during lockdown, today there are many more options for clients, which means all event professionals have a wider range of challenges.

According to Eva García Cuervo, who gave the conference “My event…it’s your house” at IBTM Americas 2022 , there is a whole new range of aspects to add to the usual preparation list for event planners. Health and safety measures necessary to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 were part of this industry professional’s daily vocabulary for a long time, but 2023 presents itself with a different challenge.

“People attending an event seeks safety, convenience and comfort” said Eva García, CEO and founder of Cocinero del año in Mexico. During her talk, she explained that, after having adapted to the comfort of our home, events that offer these three aspects will successfully attract more audience. Beyond sustainability, attendees need to feel welcomed and safe to enjoy the whole experience. Besides, hybrid and online possibilities should be considered in order to make the guests remotely connected feel just as welcome.

The most important factor, according to Eva García, are human connections. After a long period of isolation, feeling the need to attend face-to-face events was the most logical reaction. However, both hybrid and digital events are here to stay, empowered by the sustainable and economical advantages they both have demonstrated to have.

Thus, for next year, once the illusion of returning has settled, virtuality is expected to take the lead again; especially after the high expectations that the metaverses  have created recently.

The best strategy for creating events in any form is to assign a budget that allows for some incidental and unexpected expenses. Social media have also become a great ally when it comes to capturing the attention of people that would be interested in your event.

Of course, the rest of the strategies will depend on the size and type of event, as well as chosen venue or media. However, the expectations for 2023 are very promising for the meetings industry’s growth.