Winter weddings; technology and creativity on your side

Weddings during winter are not usually as popular, as weather conditions and holiday’s celebrations often discourage couples from choosing a date when the year is about to end. However, there are many advantages that you can offer your clients to turn this choice into a unique dreamed experience:

  • Ambient lighting
    One of the best techniques offered by wedding production professionals is to share emotions and sensations through lighting . If the wedding venue is in a cold weather environment, lights can enhance the winter scenario to make it more realistic. And if, on the opposite, the place is warm, or the couple chose a beach wedding, lights and colors will create a cozy atmosphere that the attendees will not want to leave.
  • Available venues
    Since the winter is considered a low season for the romance industry, it will be easier to find available spaces in the chosen venue. For the same reason, more venues will have free spaces, which will result in more options for the couple to choose from. This can be very helpful for those clients who haven’t decided on a place or other details. The best thing is that technology has transformed weddings, and now many venues have a web page to request more information and find out if the chosen date is still available.
  • Unique souvenirs
    Spring and summer weddings usually have a set of unwritten rules and options when it comes to souvenirs. Everyone has been to a wedding where you’re greeted with an after-party kit on the table, or someone hands you something after a certain point during the celebration. However, Winter allows you to get creative with these details, giving away small blankets or chocolate bombs as souvenirs, so people can forget the cold of the evening once they get home.
  • Hybrid weddings
    One of the best technological solutions in recent years is the option of holding hybrid events. After a very short time, wedding planners personalized them to turn a small wedding into an amazing online experience for those friends and family who live far away. Of course, besides the fact that they will be living a very special celebration, these weddings have environmental and economic advantages. They are also perfect for winter, allowing some family members to attend without changing anybody’s plans.

Additionally, it’s important to take into account the budget established by the couple to assign a special amount into every aspect of the celebration. To do this, we’ve created a list of financial tips for organizing such an important event.